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Minecraft Seed Gen Minecraft Seed Gen

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is nice!

I found this cool seed named Mojang ( jang )
I did not get it from the generator, but here is a map : RAPH/Mojang.gif

Plus, look in the comments and description, lots of diamonds.

Free Rider 2 Free Rider 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

sum race track i made

-18 1i 18 1i 1e6 1h,1dv 1f 1er 1f 1g2 1b 1h8 14 1ik p 1k5 c,1k1 d 1kn 2 1lb -e 1ls -11 1m6 -1n 1mc -2c,1o5 -2c 1o8 -1m 1oj -u 1p6 -9 1q2 7 1r7 j 1sg r 1tu 10 1vi 15,1vf 13 364 12,363 12 5b5 l9 5c3 lg 5d8 lp 5ee lv 5fn m4 5h9 m8 5im m4 5k4 lr 5lg ld 5mo kq 5nu jn 5p3 i6 5q8 gf 5r0 ev 5rl de 5sa bs 5t0 ab 5tm 8q,6a5 g5d 6ds g60,642 en 85q ed,85g ec 868 ec 879 ec 888 ec 89b e9 8af dv 8bi df 8ce cq 8d4 c4 8do b7,8g9 ak 91p ai,8dm b6 8ge 6b,91m ai a89 5p aqf 1d,au5 90 c04 cl djq oa,djn o8 dki oc dli od dmo oe dnv of dp8 oe dqi o9 drs nu dt3 ne du6 mq dv2 m1 dvp l6 e0c k9 e0t j8 e19 ib e1j hh,e55 nf g4j o2,g4h o2 g5a o2 g66 o1,gfb ko gfc lf gfn m8 gge mq ghd n5 gie nd gjj ni gkp nm gm4 no gnf no goq nn gq3 nl gri nk gt2 nk gul nj h00 ni h1i ni h3b ni h5a nh h7f nh h96 nh hav nh hcq nh heo nh hgm ng him ng hko ng hmq ng hot ng hr2 ng ht7 ng hvd ng i1j ng i3q ng i61 ng i89 ng iah ng icp nj if1 no ihc o2 ijp og im8 p1 iop pk irb qa itv r1 j0k rq j3a sl j62 th j8r ud jbl v8 jeh 103,jeh 103 jha 10r jk2 11f jmo 120 jpe 12d js1 12m juk 12s k16 12v k3n 12u k65 12p k8h 12g kas 122 kd0 11g kes 10m kgm vs kia v0 kjp u5 kl4 ta kmu sa,l8r 145 ok1 13u,sct 18f sec 18f sfs 18e shk 189 sji 182 slm 17o sn9 17f sp8 16r sr2 162 sse 154 st0 13t st0 12r ssr 11p,-18 1i -20 1i,-1u 1h -2h 1i -36 1d -3p 13 -4c e -4p -j,-jm 36t v 36v 27 32u,-jl 36u -nq 32f,g5v o0 g6q o0 g7o nt g8m nk g9n n7 gah mm gb7 m1 gbr l5 gcb k6 gcm j8,p8t 18q sdm 18d,p8v 18s om5 16f#5vq -46 5u3 24 62f -2f 5sh -2f 62h 1b 5vq -4b,5p -t 5p d 7o d 7o 13,5s -o 7q -o 7q -1e 9f -4 7q 11,1es -9 1es f 1g9 d 1hf 5 1ia -b 1j1 0 1j3 -1e,1es -6 1fv -9 1go -j,1n3 -7a 1ma -4l 1o6 -64 1m0 -69 1ni -4n 1n3 -7f,1go -g 1hk -t,1hp -t 1hc -1j,1hc -1e 1j8 -1e,1pt -2p 1os -2p 1pe -1h 1qh -j 1rk -j,1pt -2m 1q2 -20 1qt -17,1r0 -17 1rp -17,1rm -l 1rk -1,1rk -4 1ti -q 1rp -1r 1rp -19,2gi -1r 2gi -e 2j9 -e 2j9 k 2kp -t 2j4 -2p 2j2 -1e 2h1 -1o,3ip 11 3i2 2e 3k3 3e,3ip u 3ks 29 3lb u 3mc 3j 3k1 4k 3ju 39,5fu kd 5gb l1 5i2 l1 5ja kp 5k5 k5 5l6 kd 5ku i7 5j7 i4 5i4 i4 5ir io 5ic jc 5h4 jm 5fs jm 5gd ks,64i 5n 677 5d 677 79 68p 74 675 9r 64d 7v 65j 7b 64i 6b,78b an 78l ct 7cb cv 7cq e5,7cs e2 7ga c4 7cv ai 7cq bl 78b ak,-48 -4g -54 -4g -54 -3q -4i -3s -4i -38 -54 -38,-3u -4b -3u -36,-46 -49 -38 -4e,-2m -4g -33 -3g,-2k -49 -2a -38,-2r -3q -2a -3q,-25 -4j -25 -3b,-20 -4j -19 -4g -25 -41 -v -36,-l -4j -e -3d,-1o -4v i -4e,-5l -2k 13 -2u f -5m -5t -52 -5j -2k,8hl -48 8ff -9 8ku -2p 8f5 -2r 8jm -9 8hl -4b,e3v 7q e0a cs e6p c6,e6p c3 e18 8j e4e dq e3v 7s,ec8 k0 ec6 m6 ehb lu ehb ms ejh kk ef5 j9 ega l5 ecs jt,d2h g5 d2h hq d72 jt d72 l5 da1 jm d8a gk d7k hs d3k g8,bo6 73 c0a 73 c7o 9o,boj 76 bp2 9t bvh 9m c6q c1 c6q d4 c9m bu c8c 8v c7j 9j,au3 -8b as0 -20 b1r -5h art -5e b0j -23,b0j -25 ats -8n,ac9 1a acc 2v ahc 1d ai7 2g,ai7 2d ai7 -15 afn -12 agl u ach h,896 bn 8bj cv,8bo cq 8ch 9o 8ds 9o,8ds 9m 8ds 76 8ae 8e 8b9 9c 89i bp,95h 7l 95p 8j,95u 8j 97s 7s 98v 8j 99e 6f 97l 60 97l 73 95k 7i,krp mu ko4 qc ktl pe kn6 o9,kng o6 ksg r5,ksg qu kri mn,ot5 rf oou 11l p09 108 opg sd ou6 13j ot5 qu,rkq s1 rf9 rs,rft rs rg4 10i,rg4 10a rk4 108,rft 105 rfv 13h,rn3 10s rn3 13j,rn3 u9 rn3 v7,rp4 13r rp4 111 rru 10s,rs0 10s rs0 14h,ru4 10u ru1 14a,ru4 u2 ru4 va,s21 10n rve 116,rve 113 rvr 134 s2i 129,s2l 129 s2l 142,s2i 142 rvc 142,s3q t4 s3o 14c,s3q 12b s5m 11b s5k 14u,rdf og re8 14f s6i 15k,s6p 15d s86 pm,s81 pm reg oj,slq us sml vt smr us sn9 vs snf uk,snq uj snu vs,soe vs so8 ui sot vu soo ug,sp1 ug sp6 100,sp2 uh spn 100 sph ug,sqh uk spr um spt vt sqh vs,sps v8 sqc vb,sno vs so7 vs,snk uj so0 uj,sqo un sqo 101,sqs ul src uk src v4 sqr v4 srm 10c,ska ut sk0 104,sk9 us skq 101,sk7 vg skq vg,skb 10g skf 11o,sl3 10j skl 10l,skl 10n sko 110,skt 10v sl9 112 sl5 11h sko 11m,slv 10h smn 114,sn8 10g smc 11g,snf 10g so7 10d so8 116,so5 118 snb 118 sne 10d,soe 10c sog 116 sp9 114 spd 10c,sm3 124 smf 124 smf 13c sm4 13g sm4 124,smn 125 sn3 126,sn1 126 sn1 139 smp 13d smp 128,sls 13l snl 13c sng 13p smm 14e slv 13k,gco d1 gb1 gl ggp e3,ggo e3 g9l ep,g9m eq gfr gr gcn cv,g70 me g7b nh g99 ms gaq ll gbf lj gbh jn g8s ke,g8s kf g9m l1 g8i m6 g70

the NG Calculator the NG Calculator

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i'm worth -10$

notepad invaders notepad invaders

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


as the beta tester of this game, i'd say this version of notepad invaders is the best ^^

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Moja Terapia Moja Terapia

Rated 5 / 5 stars


there is not a lot of games like this!

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The Impossible Quiz The Impossible Quiz

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Tough game, but fun!

can't get pass lvl 15...

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:the game: :the game:

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Lol, finished the game

got 27 sec in drunk test ^^

REPLAYING :the game: REPLAYING :the game:

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome game! KEEP IT UP!

tried lvl edit...

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strange people shooter strange people shooter

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice game!

had to restart a lot XD

Portal: The Flash Version Portal: The Flash Version

Rated 5 / 5 stars

5/5 + 10/10 + fav

finished the game...some stages are tough!

nice game ^^